Gunner's GunMen

Gunner's GunMen this video hot or what? Gunner is a crazy young straight guy that we met one Sunday morning when he was our waiter at a local restaurant. Gunner who is straight was completely zany and flirted with us (wise move as he got a bigger tip)...ha. Once we talked with Gunner for awhile we knew that he was a guy to be in video. Gunner not only did several segments in this film but he introduced us to some other sexy, straight boys who you'll just love! Gunner team up with Cameron (my god look at that dick!) Spinner (what a beautiful little ass), Travis (quiet 18 year old) and... Neighbor Boy (cool guy who just doesn't like to jerk off so that left us with only one alternative..ha_). You'll love every hot, cum-filled minute of this 2 hour video! PS: Gunner says hi! Free 15 minutes.

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Starring: Neighbor Boy Cameron Spinner Travis